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Stock Up on Energy Savings Explore Ecojiva's EcoSEMS for Bonus Savings

Retail to Consumer at Lowest Cost. Direct-to-customer, requires multi-faceted approach for Competitive Pricing. We can help with maximum energy savings that can align with your goals 

Stock Up on Energy Savings

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, American retail stores spend close to $20 billion on energy every year. For typical retail stores – including grocery stores, hardware stores, and supercenters – the majority of this energy use is expended on lighting – around 53% of total costs.

Grocery stores and facilities with refrigeration capacities spend approximately 47% of their annual usage on cooler and freezer storage. Considering that electric rates are only expected to rise over the next few years, the annual costs affiliated with the large percentages could become prohibitively expensive.

At Ecojiva, we can customize a solution for your facility that will:

✔ Shrink your carbon footprint

✔ Reduce annual operating costs

✔ Advance your business’ sustainability plan

✔ Make your organization more competitive within your market

✔ Establish your business as an environmental steward in the community

Customer Testimonials

ACE Hardware 200kW Roof-Mounted System

Jeff is the owner of an Ohio-based ACE Hardware retail store. ecojiva proposed and installed a 200kW roof-mounted solar energy system which replaced over 65% of the business’ annual usage.


We can also create a unique storyboard for your space that showcases the daily generation and savings figures for your specific solar solution so that you and your customers can see your CO₂ and cost avoidance in real time.

In addition, for retail businesses with refrigeration capacities, we may also be able to integrate our cutting-edge Demand Management Technology (DMT). This technology intelligently optimizes your solar generation, increases your solar energy savings by an additional 30% - 50%, and maximizes energy efficiency at your site.

To find out how you might be able to integrate an energy solution at your site, contact us for a free, no-obligation site and usage assessment.

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Jeff's 200kW Roof-Mounted System

Jeff is the owner of ACE Hardware store in rural Ohio, and serves the rural community. Considering the nature of his business, Jeff was no stranger to increased electric usage and high electric bills. However, as electric rates continued to rise, he decided it was time to take action by installing LED lights and to set himself apart from his local competition by investing in green energy.

After a free assessment of his site and his energy usage, ecojiva engineers determined that a 200kW ballasted roof-mounted system would be the ideal configuration for Jeff’s business. This system would not only take advantage of the available roof space, it would do so without penetrating the roof structure, and would replace over 65% of the business’ annual usage.

Jeff was also eligible for a federal grant program. He worked with ecojiva’s in-house grant writers to complete and submit an application that ultimately secured him $50,000 in federal funds for his project. In addition to his annual energy savings over $24,000, this assistance significantly increased the financial feasibility of Jeff’s solar energy project.

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