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We strive to offer a comprehensive list of value added services to streamline your project implementation. Offering financing assistance, grant underwriting, servicing, etc. helps to ensure we provide a complete turnkey energy solution. 

Grant USDA




We take care of your energy infrastructure and savings in turnkey operations

Turnkey Energy Solutions

Installing a solar system requires working with a multitude of entities which is overwhelming. We are turn-key solution providers for business and government agencies designed with one goal in mind: to deliver the most solar energy possible while benefiting the environment.


Federal grants are an excellent way to maximize the financial feasibility of your solar energy system. However, researching these funding opportunities and developing grant applications for these programs can be a time-consuming, meticulous, and challenging process. Grant writing is a very involved practice that relies on keen research abilities, a clear understanding of the project process, and strong writing skills.

Solar Grant Writing for Rural Business
Solar loan financing


At ecojiva, we understand that a solar energy solution is a large investment. That is why we work with reputable financial institutions to ensure that each of our customers is able to actualize solar at their site in a way that makes the most financial sense. We can put customers in direct contact with reliable lenders who utilize solar as collateral in securing financing for solar projects.

Service Group

We understand that solar is a long-term investment, and that a key component of any successful long-term investment is a complete, comprehensive service plan. That's why we offer access to our dedicated Service Group as well as performance monitoring, electric bill analysis, and daily generation reports.

Maintenance Solar Team
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