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Solar Financing

We understand that a solar energy solution is a large investment

At ecojiva, we understand that a solar energy solution is a large investment. That is why we work with reputable financial institutions to ensure that each of our customers is able to secure the funding method that makes the most sense for their financial situation.  


The financing options you can choose from include the following:

  • Cash Purchase: This is the most straightforward financing option. This option will fit your business if you have the funds and aren’t relocating in the near future. A cash purchase also has fewer requirements than a financing agreement.

  • Solar Loan: You can access a loan through your bank, or another reputable lender if your bank doesn’t underwrite solar projects we can get you in touch with our network of lenders.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): This financing option is similar to a business’s or homeowner’s purchase agreement with their local utility company. With a PPA, an investor owns and maintains the solar system. Then, the solar consumer pays the investor to use the system. The value of the tax credits and equipment lowers your monthly payments. Solar power purchase agreements are popular financing options because the risk stays with the investor.

  • Capital Lease: A Capital Lease is an “off-balance sheet” transaction that uses solar as collateral in which the borrowing entity owns the system. As a result, they wholly utilize the tax benefits associated with ownership. These tax benefits include depreciation of the asset (which can be accelerated per section 179 ), monetization of the solar tax credit (ITC) and annual interest expense.

When you consider these options, you should think about your own financial resources. Do you have enough cash to purchase a solar system outright? Do you have good enough credit to access a loan? Your business’s financial position will help you determine which option is right for you.

We can put customers in direct contact with reliable lenders who utilize solar as collateral in securing financing for solar projects.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can secure financing for a new solar project today

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