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Image by American Public Power Association

News in Ecojiva

Barlow Community Center

Renewable Energy Contracts: May 1, 2016 - Solar Panels Power Up Hudson's Barlow Community Center.

MN Farm

Makato Free Press: July 20, 2015 - Eagle Lake Farm Solar Power: Guentzels No Longer Pay for Electricity.

Solar in Medina County

Medina Gazette: August 6, 2014 - Solar Energy Benefits Medina County Farmers.

Solar for Great Returns October 8, 2013 - Farms Investing in Solar for Great Returns.

McBride Solar Farm - McBride Solar Farm Featured in Twilight Tour.

New Hope Valley

Township View: March 3, 2016 - New Hope Valley Becomes First Retirement Community in Region to Turn to Solar Energy.

Growing Crops

Clean Energy Resource Teams: June 18, 2015 - The Land - Solar Energy Growing Crops, Powering Farms.

Solar in Midwest

Midwest Energy News: January 27, 2014  - In the Midwest, Farmers Leading the Way on Solar Power.

Solar News Watch in Ohio

Ohio News Watch: August 2013 - Ohio Farm Turns to Solar Energy.

Local Farmer Installs Solar - Area Farmer Installs Solar Panel on Farm

Hudson Students

Hudson Hub Times: November 29, 2015 - Solar Panels at Barlow Community Center Will Be Learning Experience for Hudson Students, Residents.

Mansfield Green Money

Mansfield News Journal: April 20, 2015 - Clean, Green and a Money-Saver, Too.

Solar in Ohio farms

Farm and Dairy: December 5, 2013  - Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Solar Power Makes Sense on Some Ohio Farms.

Solar for Great Lakes October 8, 2013 - Farms Investing in Solar for Great Returns.

Solar in Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio News - Huron County Farmers Creating a Solar-Power Cluster .

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