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Solar Energy Generation

Turn on Nature's Power

Gain energy independence and be recognized as a true leader in your professional community while simultaneously cutting operating costs and harmful pollutants related to your business ”

The majority of solar panel installations throughout the U.S. are connected to the grid through a process called interconnection. With grid-tied systems, you can draw power from the power grid when your solar panel system isn’t producing electricity. Additionally, you can supplement your energy needs with electricity from the grid when the sun is shining if you’re using more electricity than your solar panels are producing. When your solar panels generate more electricity than you are using, the excess kilowatt-hours (kWh) are exported to the grid. If you are a customer of a utility that offers net-metering, you will receive credits for this electricity that you can apply towards a future electric bill.

Global Changes

In Paris, the 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change brought 195 nations into a common cause against climate change. In the United States, this inspired the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a presidential initiative that sets strong standards for power plants, and customized goals for states aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 32% within 15 years, relative to 2005 levels.

As pressure mounts against power plants and large energy distributors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – several of whom have already committed to eliminating their reliance on fossil fuels over the next 10 years – so too will the pressure on customers of these distributors; rates are expected to increase at a steady rate over the next several years. Avoid incurring the cost of these rising electric rates and achieve energy independence by investing in solar.

Radiant light is one of the most reliable and plentiful sources of energy available today. The sheer abundance of this resource, along with available tax credits, federal grant programs, utility incentives, and depreciation opportunities make solar energy a timely and affordable option for all of our customers.

What makes solar the right renewable choice?​

Savings: Solar energy systems reduce, and can even eliminate, your energy bill.

Security: Solar technology frees you from unstable energy costs by allowing you to lock in your energy rate.

Sustainability: Solar energy is a renewable resource, and does not generate harmful byproducts.

In addition, solar technology is simple, efficient, and easy to install. And with no moving parts, solar energy systems are low-maintenance, quiet, and unobtrusive. Because of this, solar energy systems require very little monitoring for routine operation, and guarantee a return on investment for 25 years.

Gain energy independence and be recognized as a true leader in your professional community while cutting operating costs and harmful greenhouse emissions related to power needed for your business.

To find out how you might be able to integrate an energy solution at your site, contact us for a free, no-obligation site and usage assessment.

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