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Turnkey Energy Solutions

Focus on your business operations, let us do the work for you

We are a turnkey solar solutions company in every sense of the word. Unlike some of our competitors, we personalize each project for every client. We take the time to

understand the needs of every customer.
design a system specific to each customer’s site.
integrate Demand Management Technology where applicable.
work with every eligible customer to develop federal grant applications.
handle all utility work, component procurement, shipping, and installation.


We follow a series of project steps with every customer:

  1. Feasibility Analysis – We make a site visit to appraise the area’s capacity for solar, analyze electric bills and evaluate energy consumption, and gather supplementary information that will help us determine the viability of the project.

  2. Contract – Customers will review our proposal, evaluate their financial situation, and determine whether solar and related products are right for them.

  3. Interconnection – We take care of developing, collecting, and submitting all of the necessary information to complete system interconnection to the utility company.

  4. Procurement – We coordinate with every customer to ensure shipment is delivered to their site at a convenient and reasonable time.

5. Installation – Installation is completed by our professional and experienced crew, all of whom are wholly dedicated to safety, and are experts in all installation procedures.

6. Inspection – We coordinate with local officials to arrange for an inspection. We have developed and utilize a standardized protocol that identifies the elements of a safe installation and focuses on the most critical installation elements. Because of this process, all of our inspections are 100% successful.

7. Net-Metering – We work directly with the utility company to ensure that the system is fully connected to and feeding the grid.

8. Incentives Review - we review available incentives and rebates once more to ensure that every customer completely understands how to take advantage of all available tax credits and grid rebates.

9. Project Complete – Customers are now able to enjoy the full benefits of their solar energy systems, and can monitor their systems’ performance and energy savings using our unique online interface.

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