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ECO-Charging Stations

EV Market is at racing speed.  Keep the pace with Fast Charging Stations  

Electric Vehicle (EV) Demand Continues to Grow, Is Your Business Prepared

Attracting Customers

Electric Vehicle Sales jumped 76% in 2019

and will continue to rise. 

Tax Incentives

Take advantage of the

26% Federal Tax Credit. 

As the demand for electric vehicles continue to soar, an EV charging Solar Canopy could be the difference in attracting future customers to your business. Take advantage of our sustainable solutions for providing clean, reliable electricity at your business and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Aesthetic design

  • 12 –15 kWp of Solar Generation

  • Ideal parking solution for commercial and retail spaces

  • Visible showcase of green initiatives

  • Integrated Charging Stations

  • Scalable design with provision for adding carports

  • Attractive LED lighting fixtures

  • Interfacing for authentication devices

Results You Can Expect

  • Achieve clean air targets and greenhouse gas reduction goals 

  • Improve customer engagement to increase EV adoption

  • Increase alignment with regulators on EV program goals and investment targets

  • EV programs that maximize value for all utility customers

  • Align EV load growth to the grid via managed charging

  • Accelerate customer EV adoption 

  • Streamline EV infrastructure and ready-made rebate processing

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