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Protect Your System With Online Monitoring

All of our systems come with SunnyPortal™ and  ecoSEMS™ technology

We understand that solar is a long-term investment, and that a key component of any successful long-term investment is a complete, comprehensive monitoring method. That is why, at ecojiva, all of our systems come with SunnyPortal™ web-box technology, which provides real-time monitoring of your system that is available online. This technology allows you to :

view your system’s hourly, daily, monthly, and annual production figures

✔ contextualize your fossil fuel avoidance.

✔ print performance reports directly from your SunnyPortal™ dashboard.

✔ track monthly and annual energy savings.


In addition to online personal monitoring, ecojiva experts will track your system’s performance to ensure that it is running smoothly. In the event that your system fails or underperforms, our experienced engineers will be alerted to the situation, diagnose the problem, and, with your authorization, coordinate and resolve the issue.

We continue to support our customers and their systems through online monitoring and personalized expertise, both of which help ensure system reliability, achieve the full operating life of the equipment, and even extend the life of every solar energy system.


Turn on nature’s power. Contact us to see how you can take advantage of solar today.

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