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Energy Storage / Battery

 Keep the balance between energy generation and consumption

Energy Storage is complimentary to Solar Power. Together they transform excess generation into Powerhouse 

Energy Storage

Whether you have existing on-site solar or are planning to install it, explore how the solar battery storage pairing can work for you.

Businesses with a lot of demand fluctuation have a “spiky” load associated with drastic shifts throughout the day, which is based on how much energy they’re consuming.  Utility has varying rate structure corresponding to demand usage.  High electricity demand means “peak” utility rates.  It is very expensive to run operations and only gets worse with increasing electric rates.

You can change your hours of operations based on what the utilities are charging for electricity:
During peak hours, this means scaling back production
During off-peak times, this means ramping up operations

Unfortunately, this approach isn’t really practical for most businesses – which is precisely why utilities can and do charge a premium for electricity at certain times of the day.
With on-site battery storage, however, it’s possible to manage rising energy costs using a technique known as “peak shaving.”  Storage helps reduce that spike – and the associated energy cost.  


The peak shaving application brings benefits to the entire electrical chain. Improvements in power quality, reliability, cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions, and integration with renewable energy is also achieved. Electricity storage can be used by end users (i.e., utility customers) to reduce their overall costs for electric service by reducing their demand
If you haven’t looked at battery energy storage systems (BESS) in a while, you may be surprised, by both price drops and major product improvements.  Help increase savings. Help improve energy resiliency.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. We will be able to help you with the right solution for your energy needs.

Energy Management System

By adding Energy Storage, you can manage Peak Shaving and Microgrid benefit.
What's more ? 
Technology advancement demands energy storage devices (ESD) and systems (ESS) with better performance, longer life, higher reliability, and smarter management strategy. Designing such systems involve a trade-off among a large set of parameters, whereas advanced control strategies need to rely on the instantaneous status of many indicators. Machine learning can dramatically accelerate calculations, capture complex mechanisms to improve the prediction accuracy, and make optimized decisions based on comprehensive status information. The computational efficiency makes it applicable for real-time management.

To bridge the gap between continuous access to power and affordable storage solutions, we must turn to smart energy and asset management technologies to make generation more efficient and enable smarter operation, management, and maintenance of solar power plants.
Our Energy Management System collects your building load information and performs energy optimization .  Artificial Intelligence Energy modelling and Building Load Analysis Optimization Techniques are adopted by ecoSEMS to achieve power resiliency. 

The goal of Energy Storage System development is to achieve high energy storage capacity, high power distribution ability, high operation and energy usage efficiency, long durability, and low system cost.  ecoSEMS will do the selection and adjustment of control strategy based on the status of each unit and the energy demand.

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Microgrids combined with distribution generation - solar energy and ecoSEMS controls equipment can help operating critical business operations during power outage by islanding from the electric grid. In a sense, this Microgrid can not only address power outage but unlock new levels of real-time financial performance too.

Appropriate design and optimization of ESS is critical to achieve high efficiency in energy storage and power resiliency. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment. We will be able to help you with the right solution for your energy needs.

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