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EV Chargers
Roof Mount
Energy Response
Ground Mount

Solar Energy 

From small businesses to large corporations, our  solar solutions will not only help you reduce energy costs but also meet your sustainability goals

Solar Energy
Ecojiva Commercial Solar

Large rooftops are the most popular locations for commercial solar. We have installed hundreds of rooftops across the U.S helping customers lower energy costs.

Commercial Solar Carport

Parking lots make excellent solar sites . They are aesthetically pleasing and functional.  We offer innovative solar parking structures of all sizes.

Commercial Solar Ground Mount

Ground Mount Solar projects often achieve highest ROI through optimal sizing, design and layout which help you reach energy sustainability goals.


Ecojiva's ecoSEMS is a proprietary patent-pending device that uses state-of-the-art machine learning AI and industrial IoT to achieve operational excellence.  Customers can achieve smart building goals by our powerful algorithms that will optimize energy consumption, peak shaving techniques, effective goal setting.




Our unique ecoDMT™ demand management technology can save you an additional 15% - 30% in solar energy savings every year. ecoDMT™ intelligently manages your site load by optimizing your solar generation by  lowering the peak demand.

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eco Chargers

Electric Vehicle (EV) Demand Continues to Grow, we can help prepare accelerate customer EV adoption

UPS for Solar

Uninterruptible Power Service

The critical systems that sustain your business operations can't go down. Discover the best uninterruptible power

supplies to protect your business functions​.

Manage energy use and demand fluctuation with Battery Storage. Help lower energy costs by reducing your peak loads and directly powering demand when energy rates are at their


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